About Santa Ana Clay

Since unmemorable times clay tiles have been chosen as the best option material for roofs in all kinds of constructions; showing its value in being a natural product, durable, attractive, fire-proof, and with colors that keep their earth tones through time.

Santa Ana’s plant and mine are located in a region that possesses some of the finest clays in the world. The beautiful landscape serves as scenario to traditional manufacturing and new technology joining and working together to make unique clay products.


Santa Ana has developed a clay tile manufacturing system which combines the use of high technology facilities but adding hand craft innovations to many of its colors and textures, giving as a result a high quality product, with an artisan look.

All Santa Ana Clay products are Grade 1.  Our products meet and far exceed all ASTM testing parameters for strength and freeze thaw classification.  Our products are made to provide a lifetime of service.*

Because of the versatility of our prime material, we can produce any profile, color or texture upon request, giving you the chance to produce something unique, custom-made and in accordance to any design needs.   Every tile ordered is hand tested by our incredible classification team to ensure a lifetime of beauty, service, and quality.  


* Limited 75 Year Product Guarantee


Family Owned and Operated

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